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Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich

I think what you're doing is wonderful.

Many budding photographers definitely benefit from your helpful comments.

I look at all the photos on a post, try to comment on them in my own head and then try to compare to Steady's opinion. I have learned so much from his constructive advice, thank you.

Seren (UK)
I have always appreciated your kindness and your genuine willingness to help people. I can't offer anyone a higher compliment.
(about Steadman's critiques)
...those represent his honest and helpful comments directed towards novices in the field of people photography. I believe him to be motivated by a kind and serving heart.

Steady's comments are refreshing and cleansing

I am far from a newbie, but I always like to read good advice. And your advice is dominantly good advice.

Thank you so much for your suggestion on taking pictures of people with dark skin. I really appreciate! You are very warm-hearted and helpful!

I always enjoyed and benefited from your comments, critiques, and observations.

Your contributions, your willingness to gently critique others work, and your professionalism in all areas are so very much appreciated.

I have appreciated the time you take to help with your thoughtful feedback.

If you are reading this and wonder if Steady's advice is right on the money, yes it is.


Books by Steadman Uhlich

Exclusive Discount on Photography Studio Gear

I have negotiated a special exclusive discount for photography related products. This PhotoMentors exclusive discount is available to my students and contacts.

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  • tripods and heads for photo and video,
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  • light modifiers (softboxes, speed rings, etc.)
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They cost less. Is that a reason for concern?

These items cost significantly less than comparable “name brands” you might find in another camera store.

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If you prefer a name brand or logo on your gear, then these “generic” versions may not be for you. If you prefer to spend twice as much for that logo, these may not be for you. If you prefer to save money where you can and use it to buy better lenses, then these might be for you.

I purchased several of these items after searching the web and considering all kinds of sources and types. I bought these items because I wanted to purchase some “lower cost” items that I could recommend to others and to evaluate them for my book (I have a chapter on using low cost items like this).

As part of my research for my book, I was looking for a “less expensive” alternative to the higher priced items I had previously purchased for my studio. As an example, some of my name brand Reflector and Diffusion kits cost me $800 because they are name brand top quality professional studio camera gear. So I know and buy quality items. I also know that most photographers will NOT spend that much on gear they do not use professionally.

Not everyone will pay $80 or more for a single reflector or diffuser made by a “name brand” and they will then try to use cheap materials (auto reflectors for example) or other things or nothing at all. I understand that.

These are suggestions for items that may fit into more gear budgets.

My reason is that sometimes people “go cheap” (homemade stuff like old cardboard boxes covered in aluminum foil) when they really don’t have to. There are relatively inexpensive items like these that provide the functionality of the more expensive “name brand” items, while also providing much better function or convenience than most “home made” solutions.

I was particularly looking for good gear that had a good balance of quality and affordability (low cost) that I can recommend to newbies or people just beginning to get into DSLR photography.

Just because I selected these items to recommend to beginners, don’t think they won’t work well for experienced amateurs or pros. I am a pro and I think these items (the ones I have bought so far) are great. Just what I wanted and they work well for me. They FIT my needs for the projects where I needed them. I often find I need items for limited use or a special project.

I don’t think you will find better prices, as these items are already low priced compared to some alternatives you will find in a typical camera store or online major camera retailer.

In just ONE example, I saw a savings of $150 for a single item!

I think the prices are not as important as the balance of value (utility/quality/price/service/quick shipment/reputable dealer).

I prefer dealing with a real store and a real contact (instead of ebay).

I have spoken with the owner of this store several times, at length, and have always been pleased with his responsiveness, his professionalism, his knowledge, and his delivery on promises. He has been in business for over 8 years and ships products around the world to photographers. So, even if you live in Europe or South America, he can ship to you.

I purchased products from him (at full price) and received them quickly and they were exactly as described.

I found them to be an unbeatable value.

While the selection at the store is limited compared to some other stores, what they do have can be very useful and is available at a very low price compared to some other products available at some major camera stores.

Most of the items are not leading brand products, so they are already at a lower price point than some of the more famous “name brands.” But, when considering the utility of the product, there is really not much value in a logo or sticker, if the more “generic” product provides the same utility (use) and fits your needs.

While these products may not be for every photographer, they may help MOST photographers, and that is why I negotiated this discount for my students and contacts.

If you are an amateur, beginner, just learning studio photography, have a small budget, want to learn how to use studio gear, or even if you are a professional with specific needs for gear that fits a need and does not cost much, these products may be just what you need.

I have purchased several items from this store at FULL price myself.

I do NOT sell this stuff, I do NOT work for this vendor, I have NOT received freebies, and I do NOT have them as a sponsor.

In fact, when I purchased from them in the past, I paid full retail and I would be a customer just like you.

I also used them in a professional photo shoot, was very pleased with their utility, and received excellent service and value. Because I was so pleased with the products and the service and the low prices, I negotiated a special discount to help my students and my contacts via PhotoMentors. You can receive this same benefit too.


One way you can help others while helping yourself.

My Simple Suggestion: Pass the Benefit On and Help Others!

Finally, as this is somewhat of a “windfall,” perhaps you could consider taking the savings (if you purchase something) and then donate that to a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or charity of your choice this holiday season. There are always people less fortunate who would appreciate an unsolicited gift that may feed them or shelter them. And what you save (while you are also buying more photo gear for yourself) could possibly pay for several or many holiday meals for someone who is hungry and without a home this year. Of course this is just a suggestion.

You may think this is an odd suggestion from me. Here is why I am suggesting this.

Real Example of Savings

Just yesterday I calculated a real savings of $150 on a single item comparable to something that I paid FULL PRICE for in the past. Then it occurred to me that that $150 savings could be put to good use to help others this holiday season.

For example, the local homeless shelter here says that a donation of only $2.00 will provide a nice turkey dinner for a homeless person at the shelter this Thanksgiving.

A meal may not sound like much. But a meal is important if you don’t have one.

If some photographer purchased that single item of photo gear the resulting savings could feed 75 hungry people (assuming the photographer donates the savings)!

I think that would be GREAT! Of course there are shelters like this around the country. Or consider another charity of your choice.

The point is, one can get and give at the same time.

Remember, you still get the gear you want to use in your photography while possibly saving some money that could help someone this holiday! I consider that a Win+Win or a Gift to Yourself and Others.

I hope this helps some of the nice folks here and perhaps some others less fortunate too.

And if you found this suggestion or post a good thing, post a positive comment below. I hope that will encourage others to contribute other potentially beneficial things and perhaps that will help foster some more community spirit here.

IF by any chance you are looking for a homeless shelter to which you can easily donate online, I can even provide you with a link to a famous one (well run and has been around a long time helping people) here in Birmingham too. (I have no connection to them either.) Or just pick your local shelter or charity.




Another way to help yourself in the future:

Help Me to Help You in the Future

I would like to encourage you to subscribe to the free PhotoMentors email newsletter and I would like you to help me spread the word about PhotoMentors by telling your friends and contacts about this new site.

If you subscribe, this will help me negotiate with other vendors to provide even more discounts in the future and those might be very helpful to you in the future. To subscribe to the PhotoMentors newsletter is free, but it may save you substantial money in the future.

If you do subscribe, I will also be able to easily alert you to other special PhotoMentors discounts in the future.  In the last six months alone, I have provided over 30 different exclusive discounts with some savings up to $1250 for a single item!

The Subscribe form is found on the lower right column of this page and most pages on this site.

The special links and discount codes must be used to get the special PhotosMentors discount.


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PhotoMentors’ Special Discount Code = AFFINTRO23

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This special offer is good until December 25, 2010.

Here is a link for you to visit their store.

PhotoMentors Special Discount at Affiliated Photography Products Store


I hope you find this discount and free information helpful.

If you found this helpful, or if you appreciate this discount, please leave a comment below and subscribe to PhotoMentors free email newsletter using the easy Subscribe form found on the lower right column of this page.



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Seven ways you can help other photographers and yourself too!

Have you heard of Karma? Do you believe in the Golden Rule?

Karma is the belief that all deeds can shape the past, present, and future experiences. In the West, this is sometimes expressed by the Christian concept of “you reap what you sow.” In short, do good to others and good may come to you. I truly believe that helping others helps not only them, but also ourselves in ways we often cannot anticipate. Each action of good you do, can make the world a nicer place. Do you believe in the Golden Rule?

1. Tell others about this site.

If you frequent photography forums and see a good opportunity to let people there know about this site, please do. Others who read your favorite forums or blogs may be looking for free lessons and inspiring photographs from which they can learn. Or they may be new to photography forum posting and need some guidance on how to learn more from getting critiques of their photos. Just direct them to

This site is written to inspire photographers of all levels and help them have a better experience in photography.

We even have ten pages devoted to tips on how to have a better experience on a photography forum and those tips may help your favorite forum have better posts and more participation.

2. Please tell at least three of your friends in your community or social network about this site.

If you are on Facebook for example, you could tell your friends.They could be at any level of photography. Anybody who likes photography can benefit from the free lessons or from seeing the thousands of inspiring photographs from some of the world’s best photographers. PhotoMentors has things designed to be of interest to ALL levels of photographers from Beginners to Advanced Professionals.

3. Click on one of the social bookmarking links in this page and let others know about this post or page or this new site.

Tweet your friends. Tell others you DIGG this site. Tell your Facebook friends. Look in the right column of this page and almost all pages on the site for the link that says “SHARE” and click on it to go a pop up list of bookmarking links. It is easy and fast. Or you can send an email to a friend through that link too. Here is another link so you can bookmark this page right now in two clicks of your mouse in three seconds.


Please take three seconds now to tell others about this site. That will help us help and inspire more photographers.

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4. Add a link to PhotoMentors site to your blog or site.

Or write a post on your blog about what you saw on this site. Did you see a photo that inspired you when you viewed a Masters of Photography Gallery here? Did you learn something about a photographer you had not known about before? Tell others about the thousands of photos by Masters of Photography found here. Remember, our focus is on providing free access to all kinds of photographs and information that will inspire photographers of all levels.

5. Save yourself time while also helping other photographers.

In the future you might come across a newbie or someone new to photography. They may be looking for inspiring examples of great photography or they may want some guidance. This site may help them have a better experience with photography too. You won’t have to type much to help them, all you have to do is simply post a link to this site and that may solve their problem with a couple of clicks of your mouse. Simply tell them to look for the section on Free Lessons and Tips. That helps them, saves you time, and helps me help other photographer learn. So, that is a Win+ Win+ Win.

6. Subscribe to the PhotoMentors mailing list for our FREE Newsletter.

Why? First because the newsletter will be used to tell you about Special Opportunities that may be very valuable to you. Some opportunities may involve substantial discounts on things photographers use. These will be “un-advertised” exclusive offers that may be as much as 50% – 70% OFF retail. Other opportunities are related to activities that may be for publishing images and other opportunities to learn or participate. The more subscribers the newsletter has will help us negotiate special offers and discounts from vendors that can then be passed on to you our readers.

It will only take a moment to add your email to the list. Simply fill in the simple Subscribe Form found on the right column of all pages here on the site. Look in the lower right column. The newsletter will keep you informed when we have special offers and opportunities for our friends around the world. You will also learn about exclusive discounts and other nice things.

Don’t worry about receiving too many newsletters or emails from us. We only send out the newsletter infrequently, but when we do, there will be something of value in it for you. There will be many valuable and exclusive things coming in the future, including great opportunities for photographers, so don’t miss this easy way to hear about it first.

7. Look around this site. Soak it in. Imagine. Be inspired!

You might find something else that interests you or helps you. In 2011 I plant to have hundreds of pages of freely accessible educational content, 5,000+ inspiring photos by Masters of Photography, and hundreds of free educational videos.

I recommend seeing the Site Map (Table of Contents) so you can easily see the long list of articles, posts, and pages listed by topics.

If you would like to see if I can help you as a mentor, then just give me a call using the Skype button or the phone number at the bottom of each Page.

Finally, do what you can to help others post their photos and also get comments and have a good time doing so. That makes the world a nicer place and gives us all more nice photography to see on the net.

Thank you for your help.



Your First Introductory Call is free, but what you might learn later is priceless!™

If you have Skype, simply click on the “Call Me” button below to make a free Skype-to-Skype call. Before you do, make sure the top button says “I’m Online” and is green.
If you don’t have Skype yet, you can download the free Skype software in minutes via the link below the buttons below.

Or, if you want to call using your own land-line phone or cellular phone, simply dial our Direct Dial number:

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Our phones are generally answered during our flexible Global Operating hours of 9:00AM (0900) to 9:00PM (2100) EST (New York City Time Zone). Feel free to call anytime within that 12 hour window, 7 days a week.

Call now. It is the first step to a new way of learning and growing in photography.

You will find our service begins with a friendly hello.

If we are not on a call with another photographer, we will be happy to speak with you. If you get our voicemail it means we are on a call with another photographer. In that case, simply leave a detailed message on our voicemail with instructions on how we should contact you. Most voicemail messages receive a call back within two hours, whenever possible. All emails are answered the same day, whenever possible.

If you prefer to send an email you may do that by visiting our Contact Page. Or by using the following email address:

Most voicemail messages receive a call back within two hours, whenever possible. All emails are answered the same day, whenever possible.


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